De meeste mensen die menen van tekenkunst te houden,
houden alleen maar van plaatjes kijken.

// Annet Gelink, gallery in Amsterdam - tentoonstelling van tekeningen / Amsterdam-2001 //
John Biesheuvel - bakery | 30 June - 28 July 2001 | Annet Gelink Gallery

The Bakery proudly presents the show 'Psyche' by the Dutch artist John Biesheuvel. Biesheuvel's work consists of drawings, miniature installations and still lives. When entering the room of The Bakery, for a moment one will visit the world as it is perceived by Biesheuvel, through his extremely personal way of interpreting things. His imaginative images have patterns of associations and connotations. There is a story for everyone to discover. However, it is not John Biesheuvel's intention to tell a story. He wants the viewer to find his or her own story in the images he makes. John Biesheuvel (1963) graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1987 and became known for the images he created for the magazine 'View on Colour'.